Why Choose Keith Stewart as Your Home Inspector?

    A Standard Home Inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of a residential property.
    My inspections are designed to identify structural, operational and safety of specific systems and components
    defined by the ASHI Standards of Practice as set aside by the State of Mississippi.

    Using the best technology in computer programs I am able to prepare and send an electronic report within the same day as the inspection.

    • Heating
    • Cooling
    • Plumbing
    • Water Heater
    • Electrical Panels and Wiring
    • Roof
    • Attic Insulation
    • Ventalation
    • Exterior
    • Foundation
    • Fireplace
    • Interior Walls
    • Doors and Windows
    • Appliances

    Choosing the right home inspector for what could be the most expensive purchase you’ll make is important. For that reason you need an inspector with the experience, qualifications, reporting methods and equipment all at an affordable price. A proper inspection is time consuming so you’ll need a professional willing to give your home the attention to detail required.

    Having the knowledge and experience needed to provide onsite reviews that are informative so you can understand any possible defects of the property is important.

    All findings will be explained in terms all can understand. Having the technical knowledge gives me the understanding to evaluate, explain and give possible solutions to any issue. If you are not able to attend the review, along with the written report. with the pictures, my report allows me to add videos as needed to further explain any defects.

    A Few Testimonials

    Barbara Summerhill


    In the process of putting my home on the market, I was referred to Keith Stewart by a friend who is in the mortgage business. 
    I reached out to Keith for a pre-home inspection.
    He was very responsive, and returned my call the same day and scheduled the appointment within 2 days. 
    He was on time and willing to do a complete inspection, even though it was raining in torrents.

    Keith was very thorough.
    Selling one's home is a daunting venture, and just the idea of a "home inspection" conjures up fears of the unknown! Keith Stewart had the best interest of the seller and the buyer as he explained his findings. He was very clear in explaining his report.  And, he had the written report to me in the same day.
    Matter of fact he gave me 2 reports - one was the complete and the other the findings. This way I could easily begin making the suggested improvements.

    I highly recommend Keith Stewart.
    I believe his pricing was fair & competitive, and if there is a desire by the buyer to have a follow up inspection, Keith provided a certificate that gives a cost break to the buyer to have this action completed. 
    Keith is honest, has integrity, friendly and competent. 
    I would not hesitate to use Keith in the future.

    Jill Marascalco Davis


    I would recommend Keith Stewart highly! He is the only ALL AROUND GUY that is willing to go the extra mile. All of my clients that have used him, sing his praises! He is hard working, honest, ethical, and professional. He will work around the client's schedule and not the normal business hours!

    (9 to 5) He will even come out on a weekend! With the flexibility of providing different types of reports (Short and Lon Version) I find he never skips a beat! Thank you "Mr. All Around Guy!"

    Meshia Edwards

    Community First Real Estate

    There is just so much to say about Keith!!! Keith is one of a kind, he's personal, professional, thorough, dependable and trustworthy. Keith has served many of my clients in which they all rant and rave about him every single time...No inspection is perfect. Keith and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. However, the way he explains and delivers his inspection findings are like non other.

    Keith brings gadgets just so his clients can have a clear understanding of exactly what is going on with their new home. I'm truly glad to have found an inspector of Keith's character and professionalism.. Keith, I really appreciate you and look forward to a long lasting work relationship... Thanks for all you do!!

    Katherine Johnson

    New Home Owner

    This is my first home I am purchasing on my own. Mr. Stewart did my home inspection and when my realtor and I met with him, he thoroughly explained everything that he found... No matter how small the item was he still explained it to me so I could understand it and suggestions on how things could be fixed.

    I wasn't expecting the typed report from him for like a day or two and he sent me the typed report (full report and summary) the same day! I was very impressed with that! Whenever I need another home inspection I know who I will be calling! I would suggest everybody use Mr. Stewart... You will be very satisfied with his work!! I give Mr. Keith Stewart an A++++++!!!!

    Areas We Serve

    Keith Stewart provides home inspection services throughout Central Mississippi, in the following counties: Madison, Hinds, Rankin, Yazoo, Warren, Leake, Neshoba, Scott, Newton

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